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Letter of Accomplishment in Academic Advising
It’s affordable, accessible, and effective. The Letter of Accomplishment: Academic Advising from CHERD is the only fully online credential targeted to Academic Advisors in Canadian Higher Education. Whether you’re a current or aspiring Academic Advisor, you’ll attain the current knowledge from post-graduate instructors with extensive academic advising experience.

Course Requirements

Core Courses

The credential consists of three core courses:

  • Advising Essentials
  • Assessment of Academic Advising
  • Current Issues in Advising


And two elective courses from the following:

  • Aboriginal Students & the Post-Secondary Journey
  • Advising International Students
  • Diversity in Advising
  • Effective Communications
  • Responding to Disruptive and at-Risk Students
  • Role of Student & Student Needs
  • Technology in Advising
  • Special Topics

Each course consists of 25 contact hours, and is offered fully online over a three week period. All course materials are available online.