First Nations Community Wellness Diploma

“Traditions of healing for societies today”

If you are employed as a social services worker within a First Nation/Aboriginal community and want to build on your knowledge base and develop skills to enhance your effectiveness, you will find that this academically rigorous program of studies has been developed in response to needs of communities such as yours.

Program Description

As a 60-credit hour (2 years) post secondary program, the First Nation Wellness Diploma, formerly known as the Aboriginal Community Wellness Diploma, meets the criteria for sponsorship by First Nation Education Authorities. Arrangements can be made with communities or organizations interested in sponsoring a full offering of the Diploma program in their community or region.

The Diploma is holistic in its approach to learning and to health. Each of the courses incorporates knowledge of ‘western’ concepts and traditional philosophies and knowledge systems of Aboriginal people as they relate to mental health and wellness. The courses use adult education methodology as a link between health and wellness theory and practice and the real issues workers face daily in their role as a service worker.

This program is a partnership initiative between Access and Aboriginal Focus Programs, Extended Education, The University of Manitoba, and the Manitoba Community Wellness Working Group (MCWWG).

Admission Requirements

Acceptance into the First Nations Community Wellness Diploma is based on a selection process.

  • You are employed or plan future employment in the Social Services field
  • An assessment is made from the information on your application
  • You meet the University of Manitoba admission requirements as a regular or mature student
  • The following documents should accompany your application

If applicable, a Letter of Support from your employer must accompany your application.
A letter from your sponsor that confirms their sponsorship and funding for the duration of the program (tuition and/or books) must accompany your application.
Admission fee of $90.00 made payable to The University of Manitoba (cheque or money order) must accompany your application, along with the required documentation. (e.g., official transcripts, notarized proof of age)


Core Courses – 33 Credit Hours

  • Introduction to University
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Counselling Skills for Nurses
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Addictions (Selected Topic in Social Work)
  • Aboriginal Spirituality
  • Native Peoples of Canada 1
  • Native Peoples of Canada 2
  • Physical Activity, Health and Wellness
  • Nutrition for Health and Changing Lifestyles
  • Electives (Specialization Courses) 27 Credit Hours

The program will comprise of 27 hours (credit and/or non-credit) in a specialization, (e.g. Addictions, Wellness and Diabetes). The courses will be selected by the program’s Curriculum Management Committee.

Contact Information

Leslie Backlund, Program Assistant (204) 474-8000
24-hour national toll free 1 (888) 216-7011 ext. 8000
North American toll free 1 (800) 432-1960 ext. 8000