General Studies

Study Degree Credit Courses Without Seeking a Degree
General Studies provides you with the opportunity to study degree credit courses within various faculties and schools at the University without seeking a degree.

Admission to General Studies

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to General Studies, you must meet the same entrance requirements as University 1 Set A:

General Admission Requirements

  • MB High School Graduation: 5 full credits at the Grade 12 level in courses designated S, G, or U
Category Requirements: Set A:

  • A Minimum average of 70% over three Grade 12 S or U credits
  • One credit of Grade 12 S or U English with a minimum grade of 60%

How to Apply

  • Check the deadline dates
  • After the online deadline date, print off the application and drop it off (in person), along with the application fee and official supporting documentation to: Admissions Office, 424 University Centre

Begin the process by completing the Application for Direct Entry Programs (using the accompanying Application Guide) but only if you have:

  • Never been admitted to the University of Manitoba to take credit courses
  • Not been re-admitted since earning a degree (graduating) from the University of Manitoba
  • Attended another post-secondary institution since last registering for credit courses at the University of Manitoba (unless you did so on a Letter of Permission)
  • Been previously admitted to the University of Manitoba but did not register for any credit courses

The application fee and all official transcripts should accompany your Application for Direct Entry Programs in order to be processed.

It is recommended but not required for admission to submit a High School transcript, as mathematics courses have prerequisites.

The first year 1000 level course requires:

  • A minimum grade of 60% in Pre-Calculus 40S or the former Mathematics 40S (300)
  • or a grade of 60% or better in the Mathematical Skills course offered by Extended Education.

International Students
We recommend that you apply early to allow time for study permit and application processing.

To contact an Admissions Representative
Phone: (204) 474-8808
Toll free in Canada: 1-800-224-7713 ext. 8808
Ask Umanitoba

Application Fees

  • Canadian Citizen/Permanent Resident – $90.00 CA
  • International Student – $120.00 CA

Student Types
Special Student
A Special Student is one who wishes to take courses for personal or professional reasons but who is not currently pursuing a degree. A Special Student must meet the admission requirements of any one of the following admission categories:

  • Mature Student Status (Canadian Military Only)
  • Some university/college completed 1 year or more
  • Some university/college completed less than 1 year
  • Completed a first degree

Complete, official transcripts are required of all previous college/university work with the exception of U of Manitoba transcripts.

Returning Special Student
You are considered a returning special student, if you:

  • Have not attended another institution since last attending the University of Manitoba, contact a General Studies Student Advisor to re-activate your record
  • Have previously been admitted to General Studies and registered but then withdrew from course(s), contact a General Studies Student Advisor to re-activate your record
  • Have previously been admitted to General Studies but did not register for courses at the University of Manitoba, you must re-apply for admission

Mature Status Student
This category applies to:

  • Canadian Military
  • and mature students who:
    • Do not meet the high school requirements, and
    • Are at least 21 years of age, and
    • Are a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident, and
    • Have never previously attended university or college or, if you have attended, you have completed less than 24 credit hours (four full courses)

Visiting Student
If you are a new Visiting Student, you are required to complete the University of Manitoba Application for Direct Entry and submit a Letter of Permission from your home university granting permission to register in selected courses.*

Returning Visiting Student
If you have previously been admitted to General Studies and registered in at least one course, you can register in subsequent sessions without re-applying for admission, as long as:

  • You have not changed your home university since your last registration in General Studies, and
  • You submit the appropriate Letter of Permission from your home university, approving selected course(s), to a General Studies Student Advisor prior to registering.*

*We recommend that you start this process with your home institution early and have a selection of alternate courses approved in case the initial course(s) are full.

Auditing Student
If you wish to attend lectures for a particular course(s) but do not want to complete the assignments or write the exams and, therefore, not receive a grade or any credit hours upon completion of the course, you can apply for admission to General Studies as an Auditing Student. Auditing student admission is restricted to Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents only. No documentation other than the information requested on the application form is required for admission purposes. If, at some point, you wish to take a course for credit, you are required to apply for admission to another applicant category.

Transfer Student or Second Degree Student
Students, who have completed a degree, whether at the University of Manitoba or another institution, must apply for admission.

Academic Policies

Academic Performance

Academic assessment gauges student success at the University of Manitoba. Formal academic assessment shall be done following each academic term for all General Studies students who have completed 30 credit hours or more of attempts. In order to be in “good standing” in General Studies, a student must achieve a Degree Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.00 or greater at each assessment period. Students in “good standing” may continue in General Studies or, preferably, transfer to a target faculty.

Students who do not achieve a Degree GPA of 2.00 will be placed “on probation”, which will appear on the student’s transcript. Once “on probation”, a student will be allowed to register for another term (or terms). At each point of assessment, students “on probation” must achieve a Term GPA of 2.00 in order to proceed. In order to clear probation, a student must achieve a Degree GPA of 2.00. While “on probation”, students are encouraged to consult regularly with the General Studies Student Advisor and always prior to registration.

If a student does not succeed in achieving a Term GPA of 2.00, they will be placed on “academic suspension” for one calendar year. A student on “academic suspension” is normally not allowed to register in another faculty or school at the University of Manitoba or to attend any other post-secondary institution during the time of suspension. Following the suspension period, a student may re-apply for admission to General Studies.

Credit Hour Policy

In an effort to assist students with academic decisions, you will be required to meet with the General Studies Student Advisor upon completion of 30 credit hours in General Studies. Until you meet with the advisor, a block will be placed on your record to prevent further registration. If you decide to seek a University of Manitoba degree, you are encouraged to apply for admission to the faculty of your choice at the earliest opportunity.

Academic Integrity

The University places a very high value on academic integrity and therefore treats all matters of academic dishonesty (Plagiarism, Cheating, Inappropriate Collaboration, Fabricating Data, and Submitting Fraudulent Documentation) very seriously. For further information and what constitutes academic dishonesty, go to Student Advocacy.

For information on the Student Appeal process, check the above website.

Examination Regulations

You must remain available during the entire examination period. Refer to the Academic Schedule for the tentative exam periods. Examination schedules are published approximately six weeks prior to the exam period and are posted in various locations on campus and online. Summer Session final examination dates are posted on the Class Schedule and in the Summer Session Calendar.

Do not make firm commitments to leave campus before the final examination schedules are published for the December and April examination periods by booking airline/travel tickets for vacation or holiday plans anticipating that your exam times can be changed. Deferral requests will not be granted on the basis of these conflicts.

All students will be required to present their current Picture ID Cards during the on-campus examination series. Picture ID cards are available in the Picture ID Centre – Room 400 University Centre

  • Office Hours – Monday – Friday (Except statutory holidays) – 8:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.
  • For more information on final exams, check the Registrar’s website.

During a Final Examination

If a student becomes ill or receives word of a family emergency during the course of an examination and is unable to continue, the student must report at once to the Chief Invigilator, hand in the examination, and indicate either that they wish to submit their examination paper as: (1) completed; or (2) not completed and with the right to request a deferred examination. The Chief Invigilator must record all notifications. Students leaving an examination early in compliance with this section are eligible to apply for a deferred examination. Only students who do not complete the examination and who notify the Chief Invigilator of the reason they cannot complete the examination shall be eligible to apply for a deferred examination.

Exam Deferral Application Process

The application must normally be filed within 48 hours of the scheduled date of the missed examination or, in a case where more than one examination was missed, within 48 hours or the scheduled date of the last examination missed.

A student may request a deferred examination(s) on the grounds that one is unable to write said examination(s) due to:

  • Participation in an inter-university, provincial, inter-provincial, national or international
  • Scholastic or athletic event; or
  • Religious obligations; or
  • A medical condition.

Students requesting a deferred examination due to a known condition as listed above must file an application normally twenty (20) working days prior to the day of the scheduled examination with the advising office of the academic unit in which you are registered.

A request based on a medical condition must be accompanied by a medical certificate signed by a physician, counsellor or otherwise appropriate documentation certifying the reason for the deferral, the inability of the student to write the examination at the regular scheduled time, and where possible, an indication of the period of incapacity. Dates indicated on all documentation must be inclusive of the date(s) of the missed exam. Based on the evidence, the Student Advisor or Director of General Studies, Extended Education shall decide whether the application is approved. Based on the student’s ongoing incapacity or other exceptional circumstances a deferral may be granted to a student who files an application after the 48 hour period has lapsed.

A request based on religious obligations – a student who, because of religious obligations, is unable to write a final examination when scheduled, shall be given an opportunity to write a special examination. The student is required to give reasonable notice (approximately three weeks) to the Registrar’s Office prior to the examination series and to present evidence concerning the religious obligations involved; or

Contact a student advisor in General Studies for details or drop-in to 166 Extended Education with your supporting documentation.

Approval of a Deferred Examination Request(s)

Initial approval of all deferred examinations by the Student Advisor/Director of General Studies, Extended Education shall be conditional upon verification that you have completed all required components of the course and that it is mathematically possible for you as a student to pas the course by writing the final examination. Approval will be rescinded if these conditions are not met.

Once you have been advised your request for a deferred examination has been approved by a General Studies advisor, you are responsible for immediately contacting the department offering the course to determine the date/time/location of your re-scheduled examination.

Deferred exams are be to be written within 30 days from the end of the original examination period. If, due to illness or other circumstances you are not able to write the scheduled deferred examination within 30 days, you will have to request a re-deferral. At this point of time, the exam will be written at the department’s discretion, possibly in the next academic term examination series.

Student Services

University Bookstore

The University Bookstore operates on both the Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses.

Fort Garry Bookstore
140 University Centre
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Health Sciences Bookstore
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University Libraries

The University Libraries serve all faculties, schools, and colleges of the University. For details on library services and regulations or assistance in using the library, contact the reference librarians in the appropriate library.

UM Food Services

During Summer Session a range of food services are available to students, staff and faculty of the University of Manitoba. For your convenience, vending machines are strategically located around the campus.

Parking Services

Student parking is available throughout Summer Session.

Parking Services
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Security Services

UM Security Services operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides a safe and secure environment to students, staff and visitors of the University community.