Important Dates

Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) and Refund Dates

Voluntary Withdrawal

A Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) is the act of dropping a course following the end of the registration revision period and prior to the Voluntary Withdrawal deadline. As start dates vary in programs, the Voluntary Withdrawal deadlines also vary by course.

Registration Revisions: Dropping a Course

Students may drop courses through FlexReg under the “My Registrations” tab. Select “drop” from the drop down menu that appears on the right hand side of the course from which you wish to withdraw. You may also submit a request to drop a course by sending us an email with your name, student number, and the course you would like to be withdrawn from to our student services team at


Students will be refunded through the same method as their payment was received. Students who paid by cash will be issued a cheque. Processing times for refunds for payments made by cash or cheque may take up to 6 weeks.

Winter Term 2017

Subject & Course No.
Course Name
Last day to drop course for 100% Refund
(End of Revision Period)
Last day to withdraw (VW)
ADED0160 Adult Learning and Development 55077 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
ADED0170 Foundations of Adult Education 55078 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
ADED0180 Program Planning in Adult Education 55079 31-Jan-17 28-Mar-17
ADED0250 Adult Literacy: From Theory to Practice 55080 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
ADED0910 Special Topics in Adult and Continuing Education (Needs Assessment Workshop) 55081 04-Mar-17 10-Mar-17
ATP0100 TOEFL iBT Preparation 55084 30-Jan-17 20-Mar-17
ATP0110 TOEIC Preparation 55085 31-Jan-17 21-Mar-17
ATP0120 IELTS Preparation 55086 29-Jan-17 26-Mar-17
COUN0240 Working with Families 55110 16-Feb-17 03-Mar-17
COUN0254 Caring for the Caregiver 55109 10-Mar-17 24-Mar-17
COUN0300 Counselling Skills – Level III 55143 20-Jan-17 03-Feb-17
COUN0400 Capstone Course 55521 20-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
CTSL0100 Principles & Procedures of Second Language Teaching 55450 17-Jan-17 14-Mar-17
CTSL0100 Principles & Procedures of Second Language Teaching 55451 17-Jan-17 14-Mar-17
CTSL0102 Teaching ESL Vocabulary & Pronunciation 55452 18-Jan-17 15-Mar-17
CTSL0102 Teaching ESL Vocabulary & Pronunciation 55455 18-Jan-17 15-Mar-17
CTSL0104 Teaching ESL Grammar 55453 23-Jan-17 20-Mar-17
CTSL0104 Teaching ESL Grammar 55454 23-Jan-17 20-Mar-17
CTSL0120 Practicum in Second Language Teaching 55456 19-Jan-17 16-Mar-17
CTSL0120 Practicum in Second Language Teaching 55457 03-Apr-17 06-Apr-17
CUCA0102 Mission, Culture, and Governance in Higher Education 55531 15-Jan-17 29-Jan-17
CUCA0106 The Role of the Student and Student Needs 55532 29-Jan-17 12-Feb-17
CUCA0116 Leadership 55533 05-Mar-17 19-Mar-17
EDTC0540 Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies 55082 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
EDTC0560 Using Technology for Teaching and Training 55083 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
FINC0180 Introductory Accounting for Municipal Managers 55087 22-Jan-17 12-Mar-17
FINC0200 Introductory Accounting for Business 55088 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
FINC0300 Financial Management 55514 29-Jan-17 26-Mar-17
FINC0802 Financial Management Tutorial 55667 10-Feb-17 31-Mar-17
HRM0100 Managing the Human Resource Function 55089 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
HRM0124 Workplace Health and Safety 55626 15-Feb-17 01-Mar-17
HRM0126 Strategic Human Resource Planning 55090 22-Jan-17 26-Feb-17
HRM0130 Employee Communication and Coaching 55562 22-Jan-17 12-Feb-17
HRM0202 Labour Relations 55093 22-Jan-17 05-Feb-17
HRM0210 Total Compensation 55094 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
LDRS0510 Learning for Leaders in the 21st Century: Developing Personal Leadership 55097 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
MGMT0100 Canadian Business: An Introduction 55099 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
MGMT0110 Organizational Behaviour 55101 01-Feb-17 22-Mar-17
MGMT0120 Managerial Communication 55102 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
MGMT0122 The Practice of Change Management 55458 18-Feb-17 25-Mar-17
MGMT0140 Introduction to Marketing 55495 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
MGMT0180 Municipal Administration 55103 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
MGMT0190 Quality Assurance Planning 55105 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
MGMT0192 Quality Improvement: Principles and Procedures 55107 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
MGMT0202 Staff Training and Development 55096 14-Feb-17 21-Mar-17
MGMT0220 Management Information Systems 55104 31-Jan-17 21-Mar-17
MGMT0270 Managing in the Utility Sector 55112 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
MGMT0400 Strategic Analysis 55113 29-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
MGMT0490 Case Studies in Public Sector Management 55114 19-Jan-17 02-Feb-17
MSKL0050 Basic Skills in Mathematics 55610 08-Feb-17 22-Mar-17
MSKL0100 Mathematical Skills 55115 24-Jan-17 19-Mar-17
MSKL0100 Mathematical Skills 55116 25-Jan-17 15-Mar-17